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I now offer head and shoulder healing in sessions to reduce stress and lower anxiety, included in your standard session cost.  This is done with you seated comfortably with eyes closed whilst I touch your head and shoulders with my hands.  Healing is experienced as a warm to hot sensation, sometimes people see colours, shapes, and images; occasionally accompanied by random thoughts.  Ultimately healing is experienced as a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

Many clients have been so impressed with Reiki that they have learnt healing for themselves so that they can practice self-healing, and offer healing to friends, family and pets.  It is my belief that healing is as natural as breathing.  Modern living has merely disconnected us and people just need the right tools and guidance to reconnect with their inner-healer.  If you are particularly interested in healing you can read my book 'How To Practice Successful Reiki' available on my website of the same name, or from Amazon. You can also book a workshop with me  - there are three main levels to work through, for comprehensive information on workshop content please click on the book image link.

Reiki Workshops

Level One                       £150.00  A one day workshop

Level Two                       £150.00  A one day workshop

Master Level                   £299.00  A two day workshop, with follow up session


About Me

Explaining The Spiritual Thread

Anger Management Course




Reiki - Spiritual Healing - Energy Healing

Incorporating Reiki into my therapeutic practice took time.  For over 10 years I worked in High Wycombe under the practice name 'Reiki Talk'.  I learned from my client's that they liked the fluidity of being able to mix and match Reiki and Psychotherapy into their sessions as their mood and sense of well-being dictated.  In those days I offered one hour sessions of full body Reiki to improve and balance enery levels, reduce pain, and boost the immune system.

Psychotherapist . Counsellor . Reiki Master  Teacher  

Meditation Teacher . Anger Management Course - EX17 6AW

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