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Psychotherapist . Counsellor . Reiki Master  Teacher  

Meditation Teacher . Anger Management Course - EX17 6AW

People learn Reiki for all sorts of reasons, and it really doesn't matter what your motivation is because successful healing is all about Belief, Intention and Intuition.  So if you can belive in yourself as a healer, focus your intention as a healer, and learn to use your intuition for healinng - You Can Heal. 

Reiki is one of many models that teaches you healing, others might be Karuna, Angel Healing, Rainbow Reiki or perhaps Anusha.  All are equally valid, yet one usually appeals more than the others as your route to learning healing.  It is my strong belief that we are all natural healers, that healing is a natural to us as breathing.  It's a forgotten skill.

There are three levels of healing to learn - Level I, Level II, and Master Level.



Level I is your entry level for self-healing, healing friends, family and pets.  It introduces you to the beginners toolbox for channeling energy, hand positions, timing and the basics of how your energy system works - the seven main chakras.  This workshop will reconnect you to your inner-healer.  This is 1.5 Day Workshop Saturday 10-4pm Sunday 2-5pm

Cost £150.00


This intermediate level allows you to hone your healing skills bringing in additional hand positions and ways to dispell energy blocks, provides more detailed information on your energy system, additional healing tools including symbols and distance healing.  This is 1.5 Day Workshop Saturday 10-4pm Sunday 2-5pm

Cost £150.00


This is the final healing level, once this level has been completed you are ready to open  your own private practice should you want to.  At this level you are polishing your skills, developing your intuition, completing your learing of the energy system, thinking about eclectic healing - sound, colour, crystals etc.. and considering how you will set up and work ethically in private practice.  This is a 1.5 Day Workshop Saturday 10-4pm Sunday 2-5pm with two follow up 2hr sessions for case study work.

Cost £220.00

Your level I workshop comes with your free copy of 'How To Practice Successful Reiki', which has the manuals for all three levels and your ethical guide to private practice.  The book is written by me, is A4 size  for ease of following hand positions, and is full colour with photos and diagrams some of which are featured above.  Please ensure that you have checked availability and read the terms and conditions before making payment.

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If you would like to purchase a workshop voucher as a gift, please email me the recipients details along with your payment and I will either email you a voucher or print a hard copy and send it to you, which ever you prefer.  Vouchers are valid for 6 months and can be paid for using the required workshop level buttons.