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                                      30 Minutes 12-14yrs Therapy Session         £ 22.50

                                      60 Minutes Individual Therapy Session       £ 45.00

                                      Book 3 x sessions and save £15.00             £120.00

                                      90 Minutes Couples Therapy Session          £ 67.50

                                      120 Minutes Crisis Therapy Session             £ 90.00

Psychotherapy - Couples

Couples therapy refers to any two people in session together.  It could be parent and child, partners, maried couples, the combinations are not endless but they can be varied.

It is important to note that couples therapy is conducted together, if half of the couple continually misses therapy it becomes individual therapy.  This changes the relationship dynamic between all parties and most specifically between one half of the couple and the therapist so that after several one-to-one sessions it is rarely ethical to reinstate couples therapy.

Couples therapy has to be by its nature, different from one-to-one therapy.  Here the client therapist relationship is shared, sometimes requiring the therapist to be more directive in order to facilitate between both parties.

The therapy contract is extended to cover potential problems that can arise from shared therapy. Often with the caveat that if the contract is broken by either one of the couple, and the therapist believes such action damages the safety of future therapy, the therapist has the right to notify both parties and discontinue couples therapy.

Couples therapy starts by establishing what each one of the couple hopes to gain from therapy, it then seeks to facilitate an outcome that satisfies the hopes of both.  If these hopes are immediately and obviously incompatible this must be discussed before therapy can commence.

Therapy cannot ever guarantee a mutually successful outcome.  It seeks to provide understanding, foster respect, and unify compromise so that two people can move forward with empathy, consideration and kindness.

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Psychotherapy - Individuals

Not all therapists have the same skill set; some are more experienced than others, some are more qualified than others.  There are various methodologies practiced that guide each therapist's way of being. However, all these different methodologies agree that the most important part of any talk therapies healing process is the relationship between you and your therapist.  For this reason it is important that you feel comfortable and take time to choose.  I offer a free 45 minute assessment session before you commit to therapy. In this session I take some background notes, we look at our therapy contract, my privacy statement, and we discuss what you need from your therapy.  You have the opportunity to assess whether you will feel comfortable with me.  You do not have to book a free assessment session and it is always your choice, but I do recommend it. 

Sessions Cost for Individuals & Couples:-

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