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In my commitment to personal and professional development I spent two years from 2004-2006 learning meditation.  I now teach it in session to many clients to aid relaxation, focus, and calm.

Meditation is a deeply relaxed state of being that is not asleep but is hard to describe as awake. I find my senses are heightened and my pulse rate lowered.  When done properly meditation removes a high level of anger and anxiety, whilst promoting spiritual awareness.

It is true that meditation requires commitment, focus, and dedication.  However, within a few sessions you can learn a meditation routine that increases inner-core resilience, which in turn reduces anxiety, anger and blood pressure.  Extended practice can facilitate higher level experiences and a state of bliss.

Meditation should not be confused with listening to visualisations.  Visualisations are very beneficial.  I often use them as a tool to help clients release worry, resentment, and fear.  Also to build a more positive sense-of-self.  Visualisations require low level participation, whereas meditation requires full participation.

If you are interested in learning meditation techniques or how to meditate you can incorporate your learning within a therapy session, or book separate half-hour and full-hour meditation sessions.

30 Minutes Meditation Session                  £15.00

60 Minutes Meditation Session                  £35.00

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