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Clients come to therapy emotionally distressed and though practical help may be required, it is the emotional distress that psychotherapists are predominantly listening empathically to, i.e. thinking of what it might feel like to be in their clients distressing position .

Person-centred therapists are trained to be authentically in the moment with their clients.  On occassion this can create a strong emotional response.  It is fair to say that person-centred therapists make an emotional investment in their clients as part of their commitment to their well-being.

Trained to listen, to accept, to challenge thinking and preception, all good person-centred therapists expect to work at what's termed 'relational depth', i.e. 'moments of profound connection with their clients'' at certain poignant moments in therapy.

Working at 'relational depth' with clients provides therapists with a unique perspective that is often described as going far beyond the physicality of speech, reaching into the harder to define realms of exchanges of energy or love.  A kind of spiritual connection that though transient affects client and therapist.

Over the years I have come to embrace the rhythm of 'relational depth' as spiritual.  It is a small step from those deeply held therapeutic moments, to feeling an understanding that spirituality is a thread that runs through lives, connects lives, and transforms lives.

Perhaps important to note:-

From Psychotherapy Excellence by Peter Levine, Phd.     'A Review of Research on Relational Depth'

'In terms of other individual variables, Leung (2008) found no significant differences between male and female therapists.  However, therapists with greater years of practice did report a greater frequency of relationally deep encounters'.

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Explaining The Spiritual Thread

All psychotherapists are trained to develop their empathy; their ability to put themselves in someone else's shoes and see things from their perspective.  Therapists trained in the person-centred approach such as myself, are tutored to place strong emphasis on the client-therapist relationship.  As our experienced grows so too does this emphasis.


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