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Each session looks at a different aspect of anger and anger management.  I will teach you tools to aid self-control and foster a sense of inner peace.  A commitment to all six sessions is necessary, no one session works alone. 

Anger management sessions do not work if there is an underlying addiction to drugs or alcohol.

On occasions during a course, anger has been found to be the result of post traumatic stress.  In such circumstances additional therapy is required.

Anger Management Course £270.00 currently with 10% discount £243.00


Anger Management Course

There are many valid reasons to get angry, and in certain circumstances anger can be an important survival instinct that helps to keep us all safe. 

My anger management course is aimed at improving inappropriate anger.  Anger that dominates your every day affecting relationships and leaving you to suffer the consequences.

In A Course Of Six Sessions We Look At:-

The history of your anger, its effects and what you would like to achieve.

Anger triggers, your 'set' response and changing your response. 

Investigating your life-style and its effect on your mood.

Analysing your past and present home environment. 

Your use of language, what you think you hear, and communication.  

How you value yourself and those around you. 

Psychotherapist . Counsellor . Reiki Master  Teacher  

Meditation Teacher . Anger Management Course - EX17 6AW

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