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I know that life gets in the way.

Sometimes it gets in the way from a very young age.  And sometimes it waits ...

Sometimes you have the resilience to deal with what life throws at you.  And sometimes you don't...

When you don't, and you feel you have no one around you that you can turn to, you need a professional.  My psychotherapy training allows me to help you to regain and maintain a healthy life-balance in a complicated, and often hostile feeling world.  Investing time and money in your health can seem indulgent, yet when your health fails you be it mental health or physical health, there is no value you can place on your loss.

When life gets in your way, I offer confidential and boundaried help through respectful support, empathically listening to your thoughts and concerns, and ask congruent questions that challenge your thinking - helping to motivate you into new courses of perception and action.   If you feel stuck I have therapeutic tools, coping strategies, techniques and guidance to help you overcome emotional distress and problematic situations so that you can move forward.

How many sessions you need is variable and depends on how quickly you process you thoughts. Sessions can be emotionally exhausting and sometimes you can feel like you've taken a step back before you take a leap forward.  What you need can be one lightbulb moment, or many months of support.

In my experience emotional distress boils down to one small word - Loss.  Loss of sense-of-self, loss of identity, loss of love, loss of the right path.  Below are some additonal examples of loss that I hear about day-to-day and can help you with:-

Loss of a loved one through bereavement, abandonment, life-choices

Loss of self-esteem, confidence, worth, value

Loss of inner-peace, patience, love

Loss of position, title, career, earnings

Loss of health, resiliance, independence, ability, happiness

Loss of life-style, identity, respect, equality, rights, authenticity

Loss of understanding, values, perceived past, a bright future

Loss of boundaries, support, quality-of-life, safety, security

Loss of liberty, support, friendship

Loss of peace-of-mind

If you have a diagnosed mental health condition that requires long term therapy, or are a counsellor in training please call me to discuss reduced rates.

45 Minute Introductory Assesment Session Free Of Charge

Call me in total confidence on 07841-474398


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